Smart suggestions

Sleuth automatically suggests automations designed to address your specific bottlenecks!

Viewing smart suggestions

On the Project Metrics and Team Metrics dashboards, when a DORA metric or sub-metric has worsened by 30% or more compared to the prior period, Sleuth displays a suggestion prompt like the one in the screen shot above.

Click View automations to navigate to a pre-filtered view of the Automations Marketplace, where you easily view all available automations that are tagged with your ailing metric.

When multiple metrics have worsened by 30% or more, the suggestion prompt will also include a More suggestions link. Click it to view the additional suggestions. Click the arrow next to any suggestion to view automations designed to help that specific metic.

Dismissing smart suggestions

Click the X in the top-right corner of the suggestion banner to dismiss all smart suggestions for the remainder of your current Sleuth session.

Click Don't show again for this metric to more permanently dismiss suggestions for a specific metric. Suggestions for that metric will remain suppressed across all Projects and Teams for your Sleuth user. You can re-enable suggestions at any time by clearing your browser cache.

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