Deprecation information
Parts of the Sleuth GQL API currently in a deprecated state
This page lists all the fields in our GQL API that have been marked as deprecated along with suggestions on possible alternatives.
We will try to keep all these fields available for at least 3 months after they've been tagged deprecated. You're highly encouraged to update any code still using them to avoid issues once the deprecation period runs out and the fields are removed.


  • Enum OrderField 's option health is deprecated. Use option health_time instead.
  • Field orgChanges has the following arguments deprecated:
    • healths, use health_times instead
    • start_date, use start instead
    • end_date, use end instead
  • For the following fields the arguments start_date and end_date are deprecated, use start and end instead:
    • ProjectType.metricMTTR
    • ProjectType.metricFrequency
    • ProjectType.metricLeadTime
    • ProjectType.metricFailureRate
    • ProjectType.metricRecap
    • ProjectType.metricSlowestPrs
    • ProjectType.metricBiggestDeploys
    • ProjectType.metricTopUnhealthyDeploys
    • ProjectType.insights


  • Field impactHistory was deprecated from object type Environment. Use field healthEvents instead.
  • Field impactHistory was deprecated from object type ChangeModelType. Use field healthEvents instead.


  • Field health was deprecated from object type ChangeType. Use field currentHealth on type Environment instead.


  • Mutation create_nr_integration was deprecated. Use mutation create_newrelic_integration instead.
  • Mutation create_dd_integration was deprecated. Use mutation create_datadog_integration instead.