Navigating Sleuth

Sleuth's global navigation provides quick and easy access to everything from global dashboards and settings to Project-specific and Team-specific views.

Top Navigation Bar for Global Items

The horizontal bar across the top of Sleuth's UI provides access to views that global across your organization (i.e. views that not specific to a particular Project or Team).

These include administrative views (e.g. Organization Settings, User Settings, Documentation, and Help...), as well as top-level lenses into your organization's engineering efficiency information (e.g. Search, Status, Trends, and Compare).

The top navigation bar also provides the "Switch to" context picker, which lets you to bring a specific Project or Team (and its context-specific left-hand-hand navigation pane) into focus.

Selecting a Project-specific or Team-specific context

The context picker allows you to quickly search through your Projects and Teams to bring one into focus.

To select a specific Project or Team, click on the waffle icon in the top navigation bar to open the context picker. Select either Project or Team, and if you have many of either, use the type-ahead search to quickly find the one you're looking for. Sleuth will also remember the last 3 Projects or Teams you've recently visited.

Context-Specific Left-Hand Navigation Pane

Once a specific Project or Team has been selected from the context picker, Sleuth displays a left-hand navigation pane that is specific to that Project or Team. The left-hand navigation pane provides access to context-specific dashboards (e.g. Metrics, Work in Progress) as well as entry points for viewing and managing the items that live within that context:

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