Projects are the main container that Sleuth uses to organize your deployments. For example, a project can correlate to a product that your company offers, a collection of micro services or any collection of deployments, environments and impact that models how you work.
A project gives you a high-level view your Accelerate (DORA) metrics and of all the changes and deploys happening within. With your project you can:
    See, at a glance, if it's safe to deploy your next change
    Track your Project's Accelerate DevOps metrics
      Deploy frequency, change lead time, change failure rate, MTTR and deploy size
    Know the latest change made to each deployment and it's drift from your other environments
    Slice and dice your past deploys via a powerful search
    Configure Slack or Email deploy notifications for your team or individuals
    Know the health and Impact of your deploys via your key SLIs
Your metrics and the insights to improve
Your project status command center
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