How does Sleuth handle security and protect my data?

You can read about how Sleuth secures and manages your data in the Sleuth Trust Center.

Additionally, when you dissolve an integration, Sleuth purges all data, including any API keys/tokens, username/passwords, and any other information it needed to access your integration data.

How are environments represented in Sleuth?

Sleuth has full-featured support for environments, which are are created and managed at the project level. You can have as many environments as needed to represent your project and its development states, with staging, testing, and production being common ones (you can name them anything you want).

Check out the Sleuth Information Architecture to visualize Sleuth organization hierarchy.

How do I connect to my organization?

Someone on your team might have already created a Sleuth project and made some integrations. Instead of creating a new account and project from scratch, you can join their organization, which can be your team or your company.

If your email address domains match, you will automatically connect to the organization, which will give you access to all their projects and connected integrations.

Can I get chat support?

Yes! Sleuth uses Tawk.to for chat support. Look in the lower-right hand corner of your Dashboard and click on the Tawk.to icon to get instant chat support (available Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm PST).

Tawk.to chat widget on the Dashboard

How much does Sleuth cost?

Get detailed pricing and purchasing information on the Purchasing page.