Getting started

You can be up and running with Sleuth in less than 5 minutes. Create an account, connect to a code repository, discovery your DORA performance and start tracking your deploys.

Track and improve DORA metrics

You can't improve what you don't measure. Sleuth lets you do both!
Getting started with Sleuth takes about 5 minutes. Link your code and Sleuth will instantly begin to track your deploys.
  • Create a Sleuth account. You'll need one to get started. You can create an account via OAuth using your Google, GitHub, or Bitbucket account. Signup is instant and setup takes less than 5 minutes!
  • Setup your organization and project. You can make as many projects as needed to model your deployments, but Sleuth creates one for you by default. Each project contains one default environment: Production.
  • Connect your code. Sleuth supports GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and more! Sleuth will instantly analyze your commits, pull requests and authors, calculate your team's last 30 days of deploy frequency and change lead time, and highlight meaningful, actionable data.
  • Let us know when you deploy. Sleuth works with your tools and every deployment system. Using any of our native CI/CD integrations or our light-weight, webhook-based deploy registrations, you'll be up and running in moments with your existing tooling.
Step 1 - Sign up
Step 2 - Setup
Step 3 - Connect code
Step 4 - Integrations
Step 5 - Done!
Sign up to Sleuth
Setup your project and connect your source provider
Configure your first code deployment
Connect more integrations to realize the power of Sleuth
Gain team deploy notifications, personal message when your changes ship and powerful slash commands to sleuth important information about your deploys by enabling Slack
Verify the health of your deploys by integrating your Observability and setting up deploy Impact
Learn more about integrations.
Accelerate your team today!
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