Installing PR "Update" Automations

Some of Sleuth's automations can directly update pull requests by doing things like automatically closing PRs, adding PR labels, commenting on PRs, etc.

These pull request "update" automations are currently available only for GitHub and require the Sleuth Automations for GitHub application to be installed in your GitHub organization, as this application grants Sleuth the additional write permissions to perform updates to pull requests. See Code integrations (write) for more information on the specific permission granted by this application.

Sleuth will let you know before you try to install one of these automations if the GitHub Automations for GitHub application is required.

Note that PR Check automations do not require the GitHub Automations for GitHub application. PR Checks can be installed using any of Sleuth's standard code "read" integrations for GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, or Azure DevOps.

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