The Details tab contains general information about the selected project. The name of selected project is displayed at the top of the sidebar, under Project. Select the dropdown to select a different project, if you have more than one.
Project selector in the sidebar
You can change the name of your project in the Details tab, along with an optional Description for the project. This is helpful if you are on a large team with multiple projects within the organization.
Details tab in Project Settings
You can also change the default issue tracker for the selected project and, if a Build integration has been established, a default build server. Selecting a build server is optional, but at least one default issue tracker or code deployment must be selected for your project. A link to enable an issue tracker is provided if the integration has not yet been made in the organization.
Only certain members can create an integration for the organization. See Access Control for more information.
Press Save after making any changes in the Details tab.
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