Sleuth's Trends dashboard allows you spot how your initiatives (projects, labels, or teams) are trending over time.
You can use the date filter to see trends over the last two weeks, month, quarter or any custom date range you desire.
Each of the four DORA metrics can be drilled into to see how each metric has broken down. If your MTTR is trending up over the period use the drill-downs to discover if it's an increase in Incidents, Rollbacks or some other cause.
Using the Trends dashboard coupled with Labels and Teams allows you to see trends across any taxonomy within your Organization.
Trends for all projects is available on all plans. Filtering by specific projects, labels, or teams requires being on an Enterprise plan.

Further Reading

For additional information on how Sleuth calculates and "percent change" for the Trends dashboard and for other dashboards and views, see Interpreting "Percent Change" in Sleuth.
Last modified 9mo ago