Sleuth Automations


Sleuth Automations is a powerful capability that help teams drive improvements across their entire software delivery workflow. Whether its by removing manual tasks, ensuring consistency, or ensuring teams are continuously informed of what matters, Sleuth Automations takes care of the toil so teams can focus on what they do best: delivering customer value.

Automations for everything

Sleuth's Automations Marketplace provides a huge catalogue of point-and-click automations that can be install in seconds. The Marketplace is a great place to explore the kinds of things that are possible with Sleuth Automations, and once your creative juices are flowing, Sleuth's Custom Automations framework lets you take full control by writing your own automations in our highly expressive YAML framework.

More than just a toolbox

By suggesting automations that are designed to address your specific opportunities for improvement, and by providing efficacy feedback to understand which automations are making a difference to your teams, Sleuth Automations combine with Sleuth's powerful DORA metrics to provide a full-circle continuous improvement solution.

Check out this video for a quick overview of how it works!

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