Automations Marketplace

Sleuth's Automations Marketplace provides a rich offering of easy-to-install automations designed to help teams drive improvements across their entire software delivery workflow.

Getting there

Access the Automations Marketplace either by clicking the Marketplace item in Sleuth's top navigation or by navigating directly to

Automation Types

The Automations Marketplace is categorized into 4 main "types" of automations:

  • PR Checks analyze pull requests to ensure they conform to industry best practices, cutting down review time and improving morale by relieving reviewers of the onus of “policing” these best practices. Think of them as linters for your PR process!

  • Notifications drive awareness and help teams respond quickly by automatically alerting them in Slack or Microsoft Teams when Sleuth determines there’s something they need to know.

  • Actions provide a variety of simple, targeted automations across your software delivery tool chain, like automatically transitioning or commenting on a Jira issue to let stakeholders know immediately when a code change they care about has deployed to its target environment.

  • Workflows provide powerful automations that can evaluate multiple conditions and execute complex actions across that tool chain. The example I love to use here is auto-promoting a build from Staging to Production once Sleuth determines that it’s had a good soak. Sleuth can do that because it knows exactly when that change hit that environment, it knows the status of all of the monitoring tools connected to that environment, and has the ability to trigger a build in your integrated CI/CD platform.

Additional Automation Tags

In addition to the 4 automation types above, automations are further tagged by the following dimensions. Simply click on the corresponding items in the left-hand navigation of the Automations Marketplace to filter automations that match these tags:

In addition to the above tags, you can also search across all automation titles and descriptions using the free-text search box:

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