Slack integration

Sleuth's Slack integration provides you a mission control for your deploys, right from Slack.

Before you start, you should already have a Slack account. Additionally, you should create channels that you plan to use for notifications in Slack before setting up the integration. Sleuth will ask for the Slack channel where it should send its notifications. You can create as many channels necessary to target notifications for individual environments.

Slack integration is setup and configured in a Sleuth organization. When a channel is configured with a Sleuth project, anyone who follows that Slack channel will receive all messages sent to that channel. Sleuth can also be setup to send personal Slack notifications.

Setting up the integration

  1. Click Integrations in the sidebar.

  2. In the Chat Ops > Slack card, click enable.

  3. Click Allow to make the integration.

You must add Sleuth as an Authorized Application in Slack. For more information, read the Slack documentation.

Adding a third-party integration to Slack must be authorized by your Slack App Manager. Slack allows you to message the App Manager directly from the Request to install dialog, as shown below. Once authorization is granted, you can proceed with the integration.

4. Upon a succesful connection to your Sleuth account, the message Slack enabled (Connected to workspace _<workspace name>_) is displayed in the tile.

The Slack integration is done at the organization level. Since multiple projects can exist within an organization, you'll want to go in to each project and configure notifications individually.

Configuring the integration

To setup team notifications for a project see

pageSlack settings

To setup personal notifications for yourself see

pageNotifications settings

Removing the integration

If you wish to dissolve the Slack integration for the organization:

  1. Click on Integrations in the left sidebar, then on Chat Ops.

  2. In the Slack integration card, click disable. The message Slack disabled is displayed in the Slack integration card once the integration is dissolved.

The Slack integration is disconnected and no longer available to any projects within that organization. Any project-level modifications you made to the Slack integration will be lost.

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