About the integration

SignalFx is an metric monitoring service that helps DevOps teams discover, triage, and prioritize their errors in real-time. With a Sleuth integration, your SignalFx metrics are gathered, analyzed and reported obn directly in the Dashboard. The impact of your deploys are displayed instantly then iterated on over time, giving you not only instant feedback on the impact of your deploys, but also how your deploys affect your code over time.

Before you start, you should already have a SignalFx account, and your environment setup and running. If not, head over to SignalFx to get things started. Once you're done, return to Sleuth so you can complete setup of the integration.

Setting up the integration

To add the SignalFx integration:

  • Click Integrations in the sidebar.

  • Click the Metric Trackers tab, then enable in the SignalFx card.

  • Select your SignalFx realm then enter your Access token. You can get your SignalFx access token by clicking the generate link, which will take you to your SignalFx dashboard.

A realm is a self-contained deployment in which your SignalFx organization is hosted. To locate your realm, log in to your SignalFx account, click on your profile photo, click on Organization Settings, then Members, click on your profile name, then scroll down to the Organizations section to find the realm where your account is hosted.

  • Press Save.

  • Once the SignalFx integration is successful, you will see SignalFx enabled displayed in the integration card (as shown below).

Configuring the integration

  • Click Add metric to select the Sleuth project that will be processing your SignalFx data. All projects within the organization will be displayed in the dropdown (as shown below).

Integrations are made at the Sleuth organization level, and are available for all projects within that organization. Individual settings for an integration are made at the project level.

That’s it—Sleuth will start displaying SignalFx impact data in your deploys. Read Dashboard for more information on how metrics are communicated within deploy cards.

Removing the integration

To dissolve the SignalFx integration for the organization:

  1. Click on Integrations in the left sidebar, then on Metric Trackers.

  2. In the SignalFx integration card, click disable. The message SignalFx disabled is displayed in the SignalFx integration card once the integration is dissolved.

The SignalFx integration is disconnected and no longer available. Any project-level modifications you made to the SignalFx integration will also be lost.