Manual changes

Manual changes let you enter anything that you want tracked in Sleuth. Such changes are those not tracked by source code, feature flags, or another type of change that Sleuth currently supports. They are a free-form entry that can have any name or description you'd like.

To add a manual change:

  1. Click Create then Add Manual Change in the sidebar.

  2. Give the manual change a Name and Description.

  3. Press Create.

A sample webhook with your project data pre-populated is displayed (see image below).

Do not share the webhook link with anyone outside of your organization. The dynamically-generated command contains your private Sleuth API key and other private information.

The manual change will be visible on your project dashboard and displayed just like any other source of change and deploy. Manual changes are not updated nor managed by Sleuth; you'll need to maintain them on your own.

Manual changes can be also be submitted via the Sleuth API.

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