About Sleuth...

Sleuth is a DevOps tracker with a Python, Django, ES, Postgres, and Fargate stack, running on Terraform Cloud. Made with TLC in San Francisco.

Change Log

To view the latest changes to the Sleuth application, go to our change log and click Subscribe to Updates at the top of the page.

Can I see Sleuth in use before signing up?

Yes! We have a live version of Sleuth that our development team uses, available for the entire world to see. See how their code stacks up to yours, right here!

Of course, we also have a Free tier. Sign up now and get started!

I spotted an error. How can I help?

Contact us by sending an email to support@sleuth.io. Thank you in advance for helping out!

Open Source

Sleuth has contributed quite a few of its efforts to the open source community. Below is a list of open source projects that Sleuth has either created or contributed heavily to.


Sleuth PR automation

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