Editing and uninstalling Automations

Automations are easy to edit or uninstall from directly within Sleuth! To edit or uninstall an automation, perform these steps:
  • Navigate to the Project or Team whose automations you want to manage and click the Automation item in the left-hand-pane
    Installed autoamtions for a specific Project
  • Click on the automation you want to manage to open its details screen
    Installed automation details screen
  • Click the Installed button to display options for editing or uninstalling the automation.
  • Click Edit to open the automation's configuration screen, where you can now modify the parameters originally specified during installation. When finished editing, click Save
    Editing the configuration for an installed automation
  • To uinstall the automation, simply click Uninstall. A toast will indicate that automation was successfully uninstalled, and the automation no longer appears on the Automations screen for the current Project/Team.
    Automation successfully uninstalled from a Project