Sleuth Actions (legacy)

Sleuth Actions is now Automations Marketplace 🚀
Sleuth is laser-focused on delivering a first-class developer automation capability through our new Automations Marketplace. Marketplace-provided automations are where it's at because:
  1. 1.
    They can be installed, edited, and removed right from Sleuth.
  2. 2.
    Sleuth can suggest them based on your current bottlenecks.
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    Sleuth shows you how they're impacting your metrics.
We're continuing to support Sleuth Actions for now because in some cases it's still more expressive than our highly-configurable Marketplace automations. But we're hard at work on providing the ability to create your own custom automations via the Marketplace framework, giving you all the flexibility of Sleuth Actions plus easy installation and all the other benefits of our Marketplace-provided automations.
Stay tuned for more, and please send us your feedback!
Sleuth Actions is an automation engine to help you to define and automate the workflow and actions you’re likely already doing by convention today. Some examples are:
  • seeking approvals before promoting from your staging to production environment
  • using PR labels to fast-track a change through to prod
  • sending custom Slack notifications when a specific set of conditions are true of a deploy
Execute actions by defining a set of rules for your repository, containing conditions and actions to take when those conditions are met. Rules are defined by a YAML file in your code repository, located at .sleuth/rules.yml, and include zero or more conditions, as well as one or more actions to take when those conditions are met. Rules are triggered by events such as a code deployment or a deploy being determined to be healthy.
Here's an example .sleuth/rules.yml:
- stage-to-prod:
description: Automatically promotes a healthy staging deployment to production
- environment='Staging'
- health='Healthy'
- deployed_for>'10m'
- auto_approve_build: test-and-deploy
- add_to_deploy_message_thread: >-
Build promoted automatically on a healthy staging deploy
A rule can be named whatever you want, stage-to-prod in this example, and can have a description to display in the Sleuth interface. The actions used here automatically approve a pending build and then send a notification to the Slack deployment message thread. Another common action is webhook, used to notify external systems.
For more information, including what condition variables and actions are available, within Sleuth, click on "Help" and then "Actions".
For more ideas on what tasks can be automated, see our cookbook.
Sleuth actions is in beta and is undergoing rapid development. If you'd like to participate just drop us a line via email at [email protected].