Manual Changes

Manual changes let you enter anything that you want tracked in Sleuth. Such changes are those not tracked by source code, feature flags, or another type of change that Sleuth currently supports. They are a free-form entry that can have any name or description you'd like.

Examples include:

  • Manual scaling event

  • Restart of a service

  • Increase in capacity

Adding a manual change

  1. Click Create then Add Manual Change in the sidebar.

  2. Give the manual change a Name and Description.

  3. Press Create.

A well-formed cURL request with your project data pre-populated is displayed (see similar image below). You can use this CURL request on CLI or by using Postman.

Do not share this link with anyone outside of your organization. The CURL command that is displayed contains your private Sleuth API key and other private information.

cURL information in Add Manual Change page

The manual change will display on your Dashboard and shown just like any other source of change. Manual changes are not tracked by Sleuth; you'll need to update and manage them on your own.

Adding a manual change with Slack

You can quickly and easily add a manual change through the Sleuth Slack integration. You can use any Slack channel currently connected to an environment in your project.

To add a manual change through Slack

  1. In the sidebar, click on Project Settings.

  2. Select the Slack Notifications tab.

  3. Find the channel that's connected to the environment you wish to submit a manual change through (e.g, #testing-team mapped to the Production environment).

  4. In Slack, select the corresponding channel (e.g., #testing-team).

  5. Type/change along with a message and, optionally, a tag, then Send message.

Your manual change will be displayed in the Sleuth Dashboard, along with the corresponding message and, if you entered one, the entered tag.

Adding a manual change using Slack

You can later search for the tag in the Sleuth Dashboard.

Adding a manual change with CLI

  • To submit a manual change via CLI, read the Sleuth API Reference.