Integration Page Template

The <name of service> integration enables Sleuth to gather the data it needs to give you a clear picture of the impact of your code deploys over time.


Description of the benefits and data the integration will provide once it's completed.


Tasks that should be accomplished beforehand so that all steps of the integration can be accomplished smoothly and without delay.

Setting up the <name of service> integration

How to initiate the integration from within Sleuth.

Configuring the <name of service> integration

After setting up the integration, configure various settings and features to ensure Sleuth accesses the right data from the right source. For example, when setting up GitHub, Sleuth needs to know which repo to target.

Removing the <name of service> integration

Dissolving the integration.

Deep Dive

Additional technical information that doesn't aid in setting up, configuring or removing an integration. Not crucial to using Sleuth, but provides our audience with a deeper understanding of how our integrations communicate with the various tools they're connected to.