About the Integration

Feature flags have become an important part of software development. Making high-impact changes with minimal risk and maximum control of your applications helps deliver quality software to your customers. The Sleuth-LaunchDarkly integration provides a powerful way to track how your feature flags affect the quality of your deploys over time. The LaunchDarkly integration enables Sleuth to track changes made via your LaunchDarkly features flags.

Before you start, you should already have a LaunchDarkly account, and your environment setup and running. If not, head over to LaunchDarkly to get things started.

To add the LaunchDarkly integration:

  • Click Integrations in the sidebar.

  • Click connect in the LaunchDarkly Change Sources card.

You must add Sleuth as an Authorized Application in the corresponding LaunchDarkly environment that contains the feature flags you want tracked. For more information, read the LaunchDarkly documentation.

  • The LaunchDarkly logo in the Change Source card turns to green when the integration is successful.

Click disconnect to dissolve the Sleuth-LaunchDarkly integration. You will need to re-authorize Sleuth again if you wish to re-establish the integration.

  • That’s it—Sleuth will now track your feature flags as a source of change. Read Dashboard for more information on how feature flag issues are communicated in your Project’s deploy cards.