Get a 30,000-foot view of your DevOps environment in the Sleuth Project Dashboard.

All the data Sleuth collects about your code deployments is displayed in the Dashboard. The Dashboard is composed of the following elements:

  • Sidebar 🇦

    The Sidebar provides quick access to your projects (if you have more than one), code deployments, feature flags, and impacts.

  • Trend Graph 🇧

    A visual representation of the changes that have have been made over the selected time range.

  • Size 🇨

    This graph gives you a quick way to gauge the overall scope of your deployed changes. Deploy sizes can be Small, Medium, Large, and Gigantic. Size determination is not absolute; Sleuth analyzes your code repo and

  • Deploy Cards 🇩

    A running list of your deploys, shown in chronological order. Direct links are provided to the corresponding repos, allowing you to quickly see what changes were made. The size of the deploy is displayed. Collectively, the size of your deploys over the displayed time range impacts the Size graph. The Timeline also provides detailed information on all the activities leading up to a deploy. Hovering over the timeline bubbles will display the activity; the icons indicate the activity, such as commits, issues, pull requests, and so on.

  • Change Sources 🇪 All of the sources of change connected to your project are displayed here. Collectively, all of the change sources combined drive the data shown in the main Trend Graph🇧.