Sleuth is a DevOps tracker built with Python, running on Terraform Cloud. Made with tender loving care in San Francisco, California, USA.

Where can I find your Terms & Conditions?

You can find Sleuth software Terms & Conditions here.

What is your privacy policy?

Read the Sleuth Privacy Policy here.

How is Sleuth Documentation created?

Sleuth Documentation is created and hosted on Gitbook.

How much does Sleuth cost?

You can find pricing information here.

Can I see Sleuth in use before signing up?

Yes! We have a live version of Sleuth that our development team uses, available for the entire world to see. See how their code stacks up to yours, right here!

Of course, we also have a Free tier. Sign up now and get started!

I spotted an error. How can I help?

Click on the Edit on GitHub link on the right side of the page that contains the error (even this one!). Make the changes, then submit a pull request. And thanks in advance for helping out!


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