Deploy previews

Sleuth can automatically preview your next deploy in your project and environment by displaying a comprehensive list of resources that will be deployed to your configured code repositories. The information displayed is similar to the information displayed in a deploy card.

A deploy preview

To use deploy previews a code deployment must have Manually register each deploy selected in Deploy tracking type, as shown below.

Creating deploys automatically for every tag or push to branch does not give Sleuth the time it needs to preview your deploys; by manually registering each deploy, Sleuth will provide a preview up until the moment your code is deployed.

As an example, let's say you make commits, A, B, C, and D, but only manually notified Sleuth that A was deployed. In this case, your master branch's current version is A, while B, C, and D have yet to deployed. Sleuth will then preview commits B, C, and D, then notify you that a preview exists for the corresponding code deployment in your project.

Deploy preview notification in the Dashboard